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Managed Care Projects Management

Satori suite of services includes assisting clients with managing multifaceted managed care projects. This includes managed care consulting and strategic planningover at this website, facilitating change management, managing the implementation process, providing executive leadership to program management and project teams iop – q treatment, issue escalation and resolution.

Managed Care Program Design
and Implementation

Satori’s experts will assist you in developing managed care programs that are necessary to meet today’s challenges to provide value-based healthcare while focusing on health outcomes. Satori will work hand in hand with you and our health data analytics xxnxxx partners to create tools to assist you in meeting your health outcome and financial goals.

Medicare and Medicaid Managed
Care Programs (RAC audits)

With our managed care and fraud audit backgrounds we know what to look for in seeking and vetting qualified experience auditors.  We have a proven record, as needed, long-term staffing who meets the high-quality measures and ROI as required by Medicare and Medicaid.

Regulatory Policy and Procedure Development, Implementation, Remediation

Satori works to create sound policies based on requirements and integrate them into workable business processes and procedures. We will also assist the remediation of corrective action plans and compliance issues to create actionable and measurable solutions.


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